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5-Question Friday: #1 - Cape Hook Designs

     Welcome to the first installment of 5-Question Friday. It is a way to introduce some of the people and businesses that make Cape Cod such a unique place to live and grow. Some of these people may be new to you, others you may have heard of but did not know much about. It is a chance to get to meet some of the people in our ‘neighborhood’ in their own words.

     This week in 5-Question Friday I am proud to introduce Bryan Huggins and Jennifer Clark Huggins the owners of the up and coming Cape Hook Designs. Based out of Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts Cape Hook is a small online store which specializes in clothing, jewelry, direct-to-garment printing and more. They’re products are becoming available in increasingly more local stores. Here is more about them in their own words.

1. What is your connection to Cape Cod?

Bryan: “Jen and I both grew up in Yarmouth where we went through the D-Y School system and both Graduated from DY(1995). Having moved here at 4 and 2, the Cape is all we have known as “home.” We have chosen to stay here where we grew up, stay close to family and friends and raise our (two) kids here so that they can experience the beautiful Cape, she and I call home.”

2. How did Cape Hook Designs get started?

Bryan: “I have been in the garment decoration business for around 17 years as a graphic artist. In that time I have worked for a few different companies and was able to see the value that good t-shirt designs gave to companies. In 2015 I decided that it was time to start using my creative abilities for myself and started a t-shirt company called “Tangled Up In Blues Clothing.”

     We started Tangled Up In Blues in hopes to make a little extra money in order to help support our growing family. Tangled was created on the idea of simple one color designs and one of those designs happened to be a fish hook. One night my brother-in-law Jimi (Clark) suggested putting the tip of the cape on to the end of the hook, and that is how the Cape Hook Logo was created. Shortly after creating this design I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer.

     I was going to dissolve “Tangled” but at that same time Jen had started her own creative venture “Paisley Faith Designs” creating custom signs, embroidered pillows and much more. After winning my battle with cancer, we decided to continue on with our passion, making it more of a family business where our kids and family could help out and became one entity. Since the hook with the Cape on the end became a new fan favorite, we chose to re-name, become one and “Cape Hook Designs” was born.”

3. How has the company changed and grown since its beginning?

Bryan: “Cape Hook as a company has evolved from doing just apparel at the beginning to creating a Jewelry line. We have designed solid bangle and beaded bracelets. We also began using a laser etching machine for some of our wooden signs and gift boxes. As of this past November (2019) we have chosen to invest in ourselves and purchased a Direct to Garment printer that will not only allow us to print our own designs on demand for our customers but will allow us to offer Direct to Garment Printing as a service.

     The advantage of the Direct to Garment printer for us is that it does not limit the number of colors we use in a design and we do not have to print our designs in bulk. We did our research and believe that we are able to offer the best Direct to Garment printing on Cape. We are also offering Graphic Design Services, Producing short (usually 20 to 30 second) videos for people to use on Social Media to promote themselves or their products.”

4. What are your fondest memories growing up on Cape Cod?

Bryan: “Growing up near the ocean was special for both of us. I remember especially as I got older being able to ride my bike to where we moored our boat and being able to go to Sandy Neck or out fishing any time my friends and I wanted. We had a freedom that let us be kids and take advantage of this special place called Cape Cod.”

Jen: “My fondest memories of the Cape are being outdoors all summer long, riding bikes and going to the beach then staying up late playing glow stick tag with neighborhood friends.”

5. What is coming in 2020 for Cape Hook Designs?

Bryan: “In 2020 Cape Hook is looking to embrace the always changing and evolving business that we have created. I believe that we both would love for it to become a place people can order one or two shirts for an event, special occasion or multiple for a school sports team or local business and receive a quality product in return. We would love to see our products in more stores and eventually open up our own small shop.”

You Can Find Cape Hook Designs Products At:

Just Picked: 13 Willow Street, Yarmouth Port MA
Mermaids On Cape Cod: 855 Main St RT-28, West Dennis, Ma
Port Cargo Hyannis: 585 Main St, Hyannis, MA
Goodies Chatham: 616 Main St., Chatham, MA
All Good: Cape Cod Mall, Hyannis MA

Visit Their Website: Cape Hook

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