Saturday, March 16, 2013

In My Footsteps: A Walk Around the Dwellable Travel App

            Named one of the ‘10 Best Travel Apps For Your New iPad’ by CNN the Dwellable App certainly lives up to that lofty praise.  Upon opening it the first thing that’s noticed is the gentle lapping ocean waves and a simple search feature. Most potential travelers will likely decide on a beach destination with this tempting and soothing imagery. Touching the search feature on the home screen causes a list of popular spots on the app pop up. This first step maybe all that is needed to find what you desire.
            Being a Cape Codder I chose this as my destination for a trial run. I was immediately amazed by the colorful photos. This was second only to the ease of finding what you are looking for. Cape Cod itself is divided into five subcategories: Upper Cape, Outer Cape, Mid Cape, Lower Cape, and Just Off Cape.  Each subcategory is accompanied by a number of rentals which can be scrolled through by touching an arrow. This is much easier than simply scrolling through hundreds of random listings.
            The most popular destinations, as far as number of rentals, are listed at the top in descending numerical order. As you become more specific in your selections the Dwellable App gets even better. Each individual property comes complete with several bright colorful photos that are so easy to scroll through that I found myself checking many different properties just to look at the photos. If a straight list is not your thing the app has a map feature with pins noting where rentals are located in the area you are looking to stay. There is also a ‘dateboard’ showing available properties in that area on the left and a calendar of scrollable dates on the right. These details make the timely chore of finding the right vacation rental seemingly disappear.
These property listings give you the pertinent information and much more. Not only do most give prices for renting each property but some also get prices for specific times and a calendar on screen to show you when said property is available. The property is described in depth with location, amenities, nearby attractions, and a little extra love which makes it feel so much cozier and less sterile than many other travel sites and apps. There is nothing important left out and at times it’s as if the owner is speaking directly to you.
            Contact information is highlighted on screen making your rental only a click away literally. The app is always adding new properties, evident by the call for property owners and managers to add listings in such areas as Rhode Island. If you are looking for a break from the same old sterile travel apps I highly recommend the Dwellable App. It is run by great people and the properties are nearly all owned by regular people, not hotel chains. It is easy to use and very visually appealing. Plus it’s free, so what’s not to like about that?
An example of a Cape Cod listing with colorful photos and contact info.

The home page complete with soothing ocean waves.