Wednesday, November 29, 2023

In My Footsteps Podcast Episode 122: Me v. AI Top 5 Debut, Shopping at Angelo's Supermarket, 90s Internet Trends, Middletown RI(11-29-2023)


AI choosing the best 1980s professional wrestlers? Nostalgic grocery store trips? The internet is now retro? No, it's not a side effect of the Thanksgiving food coma, it's Episode 122 of the podcast!
We kick off the episode with a look back at a Southern New England staple of decades past. For those in the area of a certain age, Angelo's Supermarket was destination shopping. From its beginnings in the Tedeschi family and from under the thumb of Stop and Shop, Angelo's carved out its own legacy that is still fondly looked back upon even thirty years after its name was erased from history.
You've heard of middle children, but middle towns? This week's Road Trip showcases Middletown, Rhode Island. The actual 'middle town' on Aquidneck Island, it is passed through by thousands headed to and from Newport. However, it is filled with attractions, both natural and other, and is deserving of its segment this week.
Despite it feeling like it's still a new thing, the internet has been going strong for more than a quarter century. For all of the improvements that it has undergone, there were some major growing pains when it first came around. This week we go way Back In the Day to look back(fondly?) at some of the laughable, annoying, head-scratching, and downright baffling internet trends and fads of the 1990s.
Never has there been a Top 5 like this. A new wrinkle in this segment debuts this week. In addition to my own top 5 list, I am enlisting AI in the form of ChatGPT. We will battle it out in the first Me v. AI Top 5 as we look at the best 1980s professional wrestlers!
There will also be a brand new This Week In History and Time Capsule featuring Alice's Adventures In Wonderland.
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Friday, November 24, 2023

Top 5 Massachusetts Inventions: In My Footsteps Podcast Episode 121


Some pretty amazing things were created in the state of Massachusetts. 
In this segment from Episode 121 of the In My Footsteps Podcast we take a look at the Top 5 Massachusetts inventions along with some Honorable Mentions. 
The entire New England region is covered in Episode 121. So if you're from any of the six states and what to know what your state gave to the world check out the full episode here: 
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Wednesday, November 22, 2023

In My Footsteps Podcast Episode 121: BONUS - New England's Greatest Inventions(11-22-2023)


New Englanders it's time to pat ourselves on the back and humble-brag a little.
Episode 121 of the podcast is chock full of some of the greatest inventions to ever be developed within the borders of the six New England states.
This special bonus episode includes hugely important inventions like the sport of basketball, the telephone, the helicopter, milk.
Each state gets its own Top 5 list with honorable mentions for good measure. How many of these inventions did you know were created in New England?
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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

In My Footsteps Podcast Episode 120: Help Woodsy Spread the Word, Cape Cod's First Automobile, Forgotten(but Great) 80s Musical Artists, Windsor CT(11-15-2023)


Episode 120 is chock full of fun, facts, and foolishness.
We go way Back In the Day to look at an informative and well-intentioned, yet slightly fever dream-ish 1977 educational short film starring environmental PSA icon Woodsy Owl. Give a hoot and check the full video out here: Help Woodsy Spread the Word
Today automobiles are commonplace with most people owning one. However a little over a century ago 'horseless carriages' were new and novel. When the first automobile came to Cape Cod it was front page news. Literally. Learn the story of the first car on the Cape and the way the newspapers went wild over it.
For every musical artist that crosses over into legend or icon status, there are many more that fall between the cracks. Some truly talented artists have been forgotten when they should be remembered. This week's Top 5 looks at some forgotten 1980s musical artists that should be remembered more.
This week's Road Trip brings us to the oldest English settlement in Connecticut as we visit the town of Windsor. With one hand holding onto its roots and the other hand ushering in the present day Windsor is full of history, scenic riverfront views, delicious places to eat, and much more.
The brand new This Week In History and Time Capsule looks back at journalist Nellie Bly's attempt to go around the world in less than 80 days to defeat the protagonist in Jules Verne's literary masterpiece.
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Wednesday, November 8, 2023

In My Footsteps Podcast Episode 119: 3rd Podcast Anniversary, Cape Cod Community College, NFL Sports Talk Football, Top Pro Athletes I Saw Play Live(11-8-2023)


It is another special episode of the show this week as Episode 119 marks the 3-year anniversary of the podcast. We take a look back at the genesis of the show including a clip of my first intro in Episode 1, and how my sobriety was interwoven into the creation of the podcast. I also share words of encouragement for those who might want to start their own show.
If you're not looking to start your own podcast you can still look to improve your own life by going to(or back to) college. Perhaps you can find your inspiration as we take a look back at the long and winding road that led to the creation of Cape Cod Community College more than 60 years ago.
 We go way Back In the Day and look at a trailblazer in the field of sports video games. NFL Sports Talk Football(featuring Joe Montana) on the Sega Genesis was ahead of its time in the early 1990s and we'll look back at what made it special. Hint: the announcing was a big part!
In keeping with sports this week's Top 5 takes a look at the greatest pro athletes that I have been able to see play live. Boston sports fans, and fans in general, will recognize a few of the names.
There will also be a brand new This Week In History and Time Capsule featuring the infamous moment when Art Modell announced he was moving his Cleveland Browns football team to Baltimore.
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