Tuesday, January 27, 2009

'Love Is' Has Arrived. Get Your Copy Now!

Listen up everyone, my newest book, 'Love Is' has finally been finished and is ready to be enjoyed! This book is a poetry collection especially for Valentine's Day.
It contains some of my best love poems, chosen by a select few friends who took the time to read my poetry books and choose their favorites. So, to all of my friends reading this, send me a message with your regular email and I will send you a copy. Yes it is free, no worries!
The only catch, well it's not a major catch, is that I want everyone who gets a copy to forward it to as many of your own contacts as possible and tell them to do the same. I want to make this a 'viral book' and see how many people I can get to discover my work.
Let me know if you want a copy of this book.It's not a limited time offer or anything, this is open for as long as I am alive! Thanks for reading!
If you do not wish to email me but do want a copy of this book it is available at the following links:
Google -
Amazon Kindle - - -

-Christopher Setterlund

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