Wednesday, November 29, 2023

In My Footsteps Podcast Episode 122: Me v. AI Top 5 Debut, Shopping at Angelo's Supermarket, 90s Internet Trends, Middletown RI(11-29-2023)


AI choosing the best 1980s professional wrestlers? Nostalgic grocery store trips? The internet is now retro? No, it's not a side effect of the Thanksgiving food coma, it's Episode 122 of the podcast!
We kick off the episode with a look back at a Southern New England staple of decades past. For those in the area of a certain age, Angelo's Supermarket was destination shopping. From its beginnings in the Tedeschi family and from under the thumb of Stop and Shop, Angelo's carved out its own legacy that is still fondly looked back upon even thirty years after its name was erased from history.
You've heard of middle children, but middle towns? This week's Road Trip showcases Middletown, Rhode Island. The actual 'middle town' on Aquidneck Island, it is passed through by thousands headed to and from Newport. However, it is filled with attractions, both natural and other, and is deserving of its segment this week.
Despite it feeling like it's still a new thing, the internet has been going strong for more than a quarter century. For all of the improvements that it has undergone, there were some major growing pains when it first came around. This week we go way Back In the Day to look back(fondly?) at some of the laughable, annoying, head-scratching, and downright baffling internet trends and fads of the 1990s.
Never has there been a Top 5 like this. A new wrinkle in this segment debuts this week. In addition to my own top 5 list, I am enlisting AI in the form of ChatGPT. We will battle it out in the first Me v. AI Top 5 as we look at the best 1980s professional wrestlers!
There will also be a brand new This Week In History and Time Capsule featuring Alice's Adventures In Wonderland.
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