Wednesday, November 15, 2023

In My Footsteps Podcast Episode 120: Help Woodsy Spread the Word, Cape Cod's First Automobile, Forgotten(but Great) 80s Musical Artists, Windsor CT(11-15-2023)


Episode 120 is chock full of fun, facts, and foolishness.
We go way Back In the Day to look at an informative and well-intentioned, yet slightly fever dream-ish 1977 educational short film starring environmental PSA icon Woodsy Owl. Give a hoot and check the full video out here: Help Woodsy Spread the Word
Today automobiles are commonplace with most people owning one. However a little over a century ago 'horseless carriages' were new and novel. When the first automobile came to Cape Cod it was front page news. Literally. Learn the story of the first car on the Cape and the way the newspapers went wild over it.
For every musical artist that crosses over into legend or icon status, there are many more that fall between the cracks. Some truly talented artists have been forgotten when they should be remembered. This week's Top 5 looks at some forgotten 1980s musical artists that should be remembered more.
This week's Road Trip brings us to the oldest English settlement in Connecticut as we visit the town of Windsor. With one hand holding onto its roots and the other hand ushering in the present day Windsor is full of history, scenic riverfront views, delicious places to eat, and much more.
The brand new This Week In History and Time Capsule looks back at journalist Nellie Bly's attempt to go around the world in less than 80 days to defeat the protagonist in Jules Verne's literary masterpiece.
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