Friday, December 1, 2023

Me v AI: Top 5 1980s Pro Wrestlers - In My Footsteps Podcast Episode 122


1980s professional wrestling mixed with AI? It's a new wrinkle on the Top 5 segment of the podcast. As we look at the Top 5 1980s pro wrestlers ChatGPT is enlisted to give its opinion on the subject. The voice selected to read the AI Top 5 might sound familiar to those of a certain age. It's a battle to see whose list reigns supreme! Listen to the full Episode 122 of the In My Footsteps Podcast here: Become A Subscriber to the Podcast on Patreon: To listen to more episodes click here: Purchase a DVD copy of the Lady of the Dunes documentary here: Purchase the new book Searching for the Lady of the Dunes written by 12th Generation Cape Codder Christopher Setterlund at

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