Friday, April 12, 2024

Initial Impressions 2.0 #11: Car Phone Calls, Solar Eclipse, Expired Food, etc.

#11 – Car Phone Calls

1. Has anyone else walked through a parking lot and heard a ridiculously loud phone conversation inside someone’s car through their speakers? Are you ever tempted to stop walking and stand near the car and listen? I mean honestly, it’s a public place. If you are upset that people can hear both sides of your entire conversation maybe don’t have the volume cranked to 1,000 on your speakers. Or better yet just hold the phone to your ear like they’ve been doing for 140 years.

2. Always check expiration dates on food. Yeah no duh right? Well, I was at a supermarket and they sell these cheesy hash brown potatoes made by Resers. They remind me of the ones my Nana used to make on holidays. So I grabbed a pack to have as part of dinner to give me some of that nostalgia I crave. When I opened them to put in the microwave? Well, let’s say you could tell they were expired. So I looked. How expired? Try 6 months expired. Of course, I should have checked, but also, seriously? Nobody in that supermarket checks dates on food and allows it to get to 6 months expired? Wow.

Do these look expired to you?

3. Being in my mid-40s now I find that I like what I like and don’t have any interest in trying new things. I don’t want to play golf, or ski, or surf, or skydive. But the things I do like, photography, content creation, writing, exercise, etc. I love those things. I don’t think I’m totally rigid, I mean there are things I might want to try, but things I have no interest in, I don’t feel like I have to defend anymore. I think being (hopefully) halfway through my life makes me want to spend more time doing what I like, with who I like, and not feeling bad about that.

4. It wasn’t a tremendously cold winter where I live. We didn’t get much snow at all. That notwithstanding I have to admit that when I was helping my friend Steve put in a dock at a lake this week I was nearly overcome with joy at the horde of gnats circling me to signify the beginning of warmer weather. Yay bugs in my face, never thought I’d say that.

5. We had a total solar eclipse in the U.S. this week. On Cape Cod, we got to a good 80% coverage of the sun by the moon. The scene was still unique as it was a dim yellowish sky as the eclipse hit its peak. At my work, we were lucky that we each had special glasses to watch. I ended up taping the glasses over my phone camera lens to shoot a cool video of the eclipse. You can see it here: Solar Eclipse 2024: Cape Cod, MA

6. Spring brings back the blooming flowers, the budding trees, and the singing birds. It also brings back the woodpecker(s) that find enjoyment by pecking at the metal gutters right on the other side of my wall. It’s literally like a jackhammer that inevitably scares the hell out of me the first time it happens. I know it’s woodpeckers because I’ve actually gone out the front door like a crazy person and yelled at them. Yup, that’s me now, one step away from yelling at clouds.

The anger is real.

7. There’s something so calming about a long walk in early spring. The weather has warmed enough. The birds are chirping and scavenging for food. There are smells of fresh grass and fresh mulch, and even the scent of dryer sheets coming from someone’s house is relaxing. If you can go out for a walk in this type of weather definitely do it, plus you burn calories so bonus.

Get out and enjoy the early spring weather

8. There was some work being done on the septic system behind my work this week. One benefit of this was that one of the workers brought their German Shepard to hang around the site. The poor dog was stuck as it was terrified of the backhoe doing some digging, but couldn’t run away since its owner was there working. It was just in a scared in-between state with its tail between its legs. However by the time I left for the day, it ended up leaving a trail of poop and someone (not me) had already stepped in it, so there was that little bit of revenge.

9. As of the day I am writing this I am 1,309 days alcohol free. It was a long road through dark days before I could finally summon the strength to try and actually succeed in giving up something that didn’t bring anything good to my life ever. I don’t go overboard in sharing how long it’s been for me, but I do make sure to keep sharing where I am at. Partially to let others know they can do it too if they’re looking to give up alcohol. Also, I do it so that people who know me don’t start to wonder if I’ve fallen off.

10. For those wondering the Euphora good mood shot I got as a free gift a few weeks back was just ok. I don’t know what I was expecting as far as euphoria went. I wasn’t communicating with my higher self, I wasn’t floating into another realm of reality, but I did feel calm and peaceful so there’s that. If you want to try be my guest but be aware each individual shot is about $4 so weigh the cost vs. how much you want to try it. Euphora - Results RNA

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