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Initial Impressions 2.0 #12 - Supermarket Hustlers, Paper Cuts, Author Events, etc.

#12: The Supermarket Hustlers

1. Look I respect the hustle, I do, but I have to be honest. I have less than zero interest in being accosted outside of a supermarket by someone, anyone, looking to sell me something, get me to sign up for something, or any of that. Now I’ll admit I am less rigid when it comes to kids selling cookies, or looking for donations for local sports, but when it’s anything with politics, or older guys ‘representing’ some company, nah I’m all set, I’m just here to get some Doritos.

2. I am learning, reluctantly, that even though I can’t run a fast half marathon, or a fast 5K anymore, it doesn’t mean I have to give up running. I teach my clients I train that they should do the best they can with what their bodies can give and that it’s more than enough. I am having to teach myself that. Running slow, but staying upright and relatively healthy, is far better than trying to run faster than your body can handle and breaking down physically.

3. During a walk on the nearby bike trail it became very clear just how porta potties can be hit or miss. I stopped at 2. The first was so fresh and so clean it could have been an Outkast song. However, I was not lucky with the second. I was able to find a (relatively) clear path to the actual toilet, but oh man things took a turn for the worse. I’ll keep this as vague as I can for those currently eating but it looked as though someone had played a game to see if they could poop everywhere but in the actual toilet. I feel bad for anyone who needs to sit down in there to go. You’re better off just going in your pants, it’ll be just as sanitary.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

4. Walking in the supermarket. Over the speakers ‘Hello, Goodbye’ by The Beatles begins to play. While it played I heard no less than 6 people happily whistling along with the song. Never underestimate the power of music to connect, and never underestimate how impactful The Beatles and their music were/are.

5. Sometimes you get a paper cut and you feel it and it stings like hell. Then other times you get a paper cut and don’t feel it, or notice it until you put the brown paper bag down and it’s covered in blood. It looked like a crime scene and I am just lucky nobody was around to see it, although you can do a good job picturing this insanity in your minds.

6. Even many years after last seeing someone in person, someone I was once very much into, I find myself going to certain places and posting certain things hoping they may see it. This person is very happy now and has a great life and family but those pangs of ‘what if’ still creep up every now and then. #crypticpost

7. I have had my current car for nearly 10 years. It is about to pass 144K miles. My goal is to get to at least 250K. By my calculations, that means probably another 10 years with the same car. Maybe I’ll get to 21 years and then I’ll give it a car wash of beer to celebrate it being old enough to drink.

A future celebration?

8. The story is that the Ames Department Store chain that existed for decades, especially in the Northeast is making a comeback in the next few years. There’s even a website for this resurrected brand. My question is if it’s successful could this lead to more old stores coming back? As a child of the 1980s I’d love a world where Toys r Us, RadioShack, KB Toys, and more were around.

Comeback incoming?

9. I’ve yet to ever gaze upon a person with a, or many, tattoos on their face and thought ‘I bet they have rational views on most things, I should ask them for advice.’

10. After putting another author event in the books I had to take a moment for gratitude. Whether or not I ever truly make it to that level of success I’m seeking as a writer nobody can deny that I have busted my ass for years on end pursuing that goal. I’ve sacrificed so much time and energy in chasing a dream I’ve had since I was 8. Now I am 46 with 9 published books. I do events where complete strangers come out to hear me speak about something I created with my own mind. It’s so humbling and I am grateful. Whether I achieve that next level breakthrough I cannot say, but I am very proud of what I’ve done and all I’ve done to get here. I’m happy but not satisfied; I still want to do more.

Another fun event in the books.

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