Saturday, June 8, 2024

Initial Impressions 2.0 Blog. #20: Library Tricks, Move Birds Get Out the Way, Smashing Pumpkins, etc.

1. I was sitting in the library trying to get some work done on a few upcoming projects. It’s rarely dead silent and I understand that. However this time it was unusual as a woman sauntered in with a big recyclable grocery bag that made a ton of noise as she walked. She then proceeded to sit down at a computer and have a full-on loud conversation with someone on her phone. Now I can say for sure what her job was, but she kept telling the man on the other end that she could get him more money and that she’d gotten $20 of what she was owed. She then angrily asked if this was how the whole summer was going to be before storming out of the library with her loud bag crunching along. UPDATE: She came back in and was loud again on the phone, swearing until another woman came over and confronted her. The librarian then had to throw her out.

2. It’s funny in a kind of sad way to see people like EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of my IG/FB stories EXCEPT for the one where I wish people a happy Pride Month. Yeah, I see you homophobes you can take your story likes and shove them up your prejudiced asses.

3. Note to self, don’t sit anywhere outside during the warmer months. You either leave a sweat print on something when it’s super hot, or you act as a duster and get all of the pollen, pine needles, and whatever other random stuff is there to stick to you. Also worms, those little green worms, they’re everywhere and on everything.

4. It was a wild scene driving down this road to a nearby beach. The people ahead of me were going slow, 25mph. I was about 2 car lengths back. Up ahead were 6-7 birds in the road. They looked like doves. I say ‘looked like’ because I didn’t notice them until the car ahead had run over one. They didn’t fly or even really attempt to move. I saw that and swerved to the left. The other birds were running around the road, not flying, but running. I have no clue if I hit one, I did my best to avoid them, but the car behind me stopped. Don’t know why those birds were just clustered along the road like that.

5. When I go for a walk or run I have my headphones on and music playing. I do pay attention to my surroundings but can zone out at times. As I was on a walk this week I was zoned out. I felt like I had tripped over a stick. It turns out it was a dog that I guess was trying to get my attention. It was a puppy, a brown-ish Labradoodle. Even when the owner finally came around to get his dog it followed me for a few hundred feet. I’d have been fine taking the dog with me but I had to cross a main road, and the owner likely had some treats to coax it home.

6. I should have known better than to think I was out of the woods when it came to allergies this year. Typically I have 2 battles with allergies, late April/early May and then mid to late August. I got to the first week of June and finally had a day where my throat felt like it was just caked in pollen. It was like that stupid spoonful of cinnamon challenge from several years ago except slightly less tasty.

7. A double-dip of Halloween entry here. For one, my Halloween pumpkin finally was tossed out. By tossed out I mean smashed on pavement for a video. It lasted from mid-October until the first week of June, pretty good. Second, there is a house in my town that has a group of life-sized skeletons in its front yard that the owners put in funny situations all year long. Currently, they are playing cornhole. In the past they’ve been Santa and reindeer, around a campfire, mowing the lawn, and tons of other classics.

8. When I was 16 I would tear open a bag of M&Ms and pour them into my hand for a quick sugar rush. Now at 46 I tear open several bottles of vitamins and supplements and pour them into my hand so that I can get out of bed without my joints sounding like bubble wrap.

9. In a first for Cape Cod this past week there was an authentic pink flamingo at Chapin Beach in Dennis. Experts think it got disoriented from a hurricane last year and flew north and can’t figure out how to get home. It looked like someone had bought a plastic flamingo and placed it out on the tidal flats, until someone shared a video of the flamingo walking. Now I wonder what other exotic animals might be fun to see on Cape Cod. Nothing super dangerous, but maybe a moose would be fun.

10. I saw a slow-motion car accident in the gym parking lot. I say slow motion because each vehicle was backing out of spaces like snails. They bumped with literally no damage to either. That didn’t stop the people from arguing about who was at fault. Because you’ve got to win the argument even if nothing of consequence comes from it.

11. I will never take for granted that I can be out for a walk on the nearby bike trail and if I time it right I can bump into my Uncle Steve out for a run. The other morning we stopped and chatted for a few and it made my day. Some time will be the last time so I don’t ever want to miss an opportunity if I get it.

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